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How Does Designing for Commercial Architecture Differ from Residential?

Although many people have mental images of expansive, towering commercial skyscrapers when they hear the term “architecture design,” private residences, apartment buildings, and condominium complexes are also important parts of architectural design. The architecture design of homes, condo buildings and other residential structures focuses on the preferences and needs of individual homeowners, condominium owners, or

Create a Hotel Vibe inside Home Projects with Unique Architectural Planning and Interior Design Ideas

Many people who live in beautifully designed and furnished homes still feel somewhat let-down and unsettled after a trip that included accommodations in a luxury hotel. Although their homes have spacious rooms and attractive decor, it is often the carefully planned and orchestrated overall architectural and interior design of an elegant, rustic or sleek contemporary

Cost Effective and Sustainable Engineering Services from Marchese Partners

The international architectural design firm and consultancy of Marchese Partners provides fully integrated design services to international clients, including masterplanning, architecture, interior design, and engineering. This optimal quality firm leads the industry in innovative advancements throughout Australia and in New Zealand, Asia and the UK with numerous highly acclaimed and awarded projects. Led by Founding

Adaptive Reuse in Commercial Architecture: How is this Done?

Adaptive reuse in commercial architecture refers to the reuse of an existing building for a purpose that is different from the structural’s original function. This process is an effective and efficient strategy for ensuring current and optimal commercial operation of a previously built structural asset. Use of this practice promotes sustainability and the strength of

What is Permaculture Design and How is it Related to Architectural Planning?

Permaculture design is basically a multi-faceted and environmentally harmonious, fully integrated method for creating designs for human-focused landscapes. The local environment of a permaculture design will be capable of supplying many essential necessities of a human family unit or larger community efficiently and with use of principles of sustainability. In integrated design, efforts are centered

Effective Masterplanning for Changing Business Needs and Project Requirements

Marchese Partners is an international architectural design consultancy headed by Eugene Marchese, Chairman and Founding Principal, who has led this innovative firm to heights of success in completing stellar projects in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the UK. This firm provides fully integrated design services, including masterplanning, architecture, engineering, and interior design. Marchese Partners is

Passive Solar Home Designs: Architectural Feat for Sustainability

Sustainable architecture is designed specifically to reduce the negative impact a building will have on the environment. This is accomplished by focusing strongly on moderate and efficient utilisation of green materials, energy, space and the overall ecosystem. Passive solar design employs natural flows of energy from the sun and wind to achieve the most desirable

What is Stack Effect Ventilation in Architectural Design?

In architectural design, the stack effect refers to passive air movement throughout a building due to variances in vertical pressure initiated by thermal buoyancy. If the air within a building grows warmer than the temperature of the surrounding outdoor air, the warmer and lower-density air will rise. Stack effect ventilation makes use of this activity

Topnotch Masterplanning: A Significant Tool for Stakeholder Participation and Investment

Marchese Partners is an internationally represented and highly respected consultancy providing comprehensive integrated design services that include masterplanning, architecture, engineering and interior design. Headed by principal architects and founders, Eugene Marchese and Steve Zappia, this firm has developed into an exemplary and leading integrated design organisation. With every new project, this fine team consistently challenges

Integrated Building Design and Architecture: Why Choose Marchese Partners?

The process of integrated building design and architecture today involves a quality team of professional specialists, most frequently with the architect as the team leader. A successful integrated approach to design depends on the ability of all team members to work cooperatively together as valued project participants. This team may include architects, engineers, contractors, urban