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Top Considerations in Architectural and Interior Design for Senior Living and Age Care Homes

April 23, 2019

The planning and building of highly attractive and functional senior living and age care homes require ultimate architectural and interior design considerations today. With the increasing demand for excellent senior living communities and age care residences, more innovative, inviting, and practical building of this type of residence is a necessity. In addition, many seniors are […]

Innovative Architectural Designs for Commercial Buildings: Consult Marchese Partners

April 8, 2019

Marchese Partners International, as a leading architectural design firm, provides clients with a rare and highly successful combination of “innovative design solutions” and “a commercial sensitivity” in their optimal caliber design and completion of commercial buildings. Led by Eugene Marchese, Chairman and Founding Principal of the firm, this group of experienced project architects, master-planners, engineers […]

The Impact of Master Planning in Property Development

March 25, 2019

Master planning is the essential initial stage in transforming the concept for a property development into an architectural design, engineering blueprint and active building project. Successful master planning requires direct and effective communication with the client to best comprehend essential preferences and needs.  With use of an integrated team approach and collective focus, a master […]

Interior Designs: Why First Look and Impression Matters a Lot?

March 11, 2019

In today’s fast-paced life with its ever-increasing visual and auditory impressions, concepts and data delivered globally via instant transmission, first looks and impressions often have deeper, more profound meaning than ever before. We process information of all types rapidly, often making lasting evaluations from initial impressions before an image has left our line of vision […]

Modern Architectural Designs: Why Sustainability Matters?

February 27, 2019

Statistics from the United Nations Environment Programme reveal that around the world today, buildings are the cause of almost one-half of the earth’s total energy usage. These structures also are the source of approximately 40 percent of all emissions of greenhouse gas, 25 percent of the worldwide use of potable water and upwards of 20 […]