The international architectural design firm and consultancy of Marchese Partners provides fully integrated design services to international clients, including masterplanning, architecture, interior design, and engineering. This optimal quality firm leads the industry in innovative advancements throughout Australia and in New Zealand, Asia and the UK with numerous highly acclaimed and awarded projects. Led by Founding Principal and Chairman, Eugene Marchese, this unique firm incorporates principles and practices of sustainability in all design and building projects using an integrated approach to achieve superior results. 

Major Cost-Effective and Sustainable Engineering Services from Marchese Partners

Valuable sustainable engineering services provided by the outstanding Marchese design team of leading architectural industry professionals include the following environmentally protective and cost-effective practices and procedures: 

• Designing Zero Net Energy Buildings. A popular green trend in architectural design and construction is the creation of zero net energy (ZNE) buildings. These structures generate an equal amount of renewable energy as the building consumes every year. Energy is usually produced onsite with the use of solar panels or wind turbines. Energy may also be generated from geothermal energy production. Some buildings are actually net-positive since they produce greater amounts of energy than they consume. By using LED lighting, interior motion sensors and energy management systems, these structures minimize energy usage. Most of these buildings have passive heating and cooling systems and natural ventilation to reduce energy consumption even more. 

• Using Resilient Design and Construction. Resilient construction, or constructing buildings to withstand the natural elements, has become prevalent during the last few years. Structures built using resilient designs and constructions are especially desirable in areas of the world that frequently experience extreme weather conditions. These buildings are designed to survive earthquakes, floods, storm surges, heavy winds and fires.      

• Selecting Greener Materials. Increasingly stronger attention is now being given to the building materials used in green construction and their environmental impact. More emphasis is also being placed on recycling and re-purposing construction materials. The current “crib to grave” approach is helping to spread understanding of the environmental impact of sourcing raw materials and producing construction materials designed to reduce the carbon footprint of common manufacturing processes. Environmental product declarations (EPDs) that are verified by a third party are currently in use to reveal the environmental impact from sourcing raw materials, levels of energy consumption and efficiency, chemical substances and components in soil as well as air and water emissions. 

When you consult our engineering experts of Marchese Partners with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra, Australia and multiple international cities, you will receive advanced information, advice, designs and expert cost-effective and sustainable engineering services for the successful completion of your major building project. Our highly accomplished architectural design and engineering professionals will enable you to realise the superior quality building project that you desire and envision with use of advanced environmentally protective engineering practices, materials, and procedures.