Many people who live in beautifully designed and furnished homes still feel somewhat let-down and unsettled after a trip that included accommodations in a luxury hotel. Although their homes have spacious rooms and attractive decor, it is often the carefully planned and orchestrated overall architectural and interior design of an elegant, rustic or sleek contemporary hotel room or suite that uplifts guests. Empowering their sense of self-awareness of the innate lavish beauty and style surrounding them, these skillful, well-planned interiors enable guests to feel completely comfortable and at ease while staying in a new, luxurious environment.

Creating a Hotel Vibe within Home Projects: Innovative Architectural Planning and Interior Design

With the use of unique and ingenious architectural planning and innovative interior design techniques, home builders and designers can create an attractive and enticing hotel vibe in home projects. Ideas, plans and techniques for achieving this goal include the following:

• Lavish Bedroom Design. In a luxury style hotel bedroom, the bed takes center stage. Regardless of its shape or style, the bed should be spacious, fashionable and inviting. It should look completely suitable for a King or Queen. Even a minimalist luxury bed is never without a streamlined or decorative headboard and matching or complementary furniture and accessories. A fashionable armoire and a hidden TV are essentials along with side and novelty tables and plush fabric-upholstered or smooth leather grouped seating.

Floor-to-ceiling glass window-doors leading to a balcony or terrace with glorious scenic views are also a plus, as are ornate or simplistic wall mirrors and lavish carpeting or rich colours in woven area rugs. Remember that in fashionable hotel rooms with plenty of attractive furnishings and decor, the most important element is a well-planned layout and overall design. Every item has its planned place, from decorative pillows and patterned throws to alluring lighting design. The well-established master-plan is what delights your senses and makes you feel at once grand and completely at home.

• Spa Style Bathrooms. When you design the bathrooms in your home to include attractive walk-in showers with sparkling glass enclosures, you will create a luxurious sense of expanded space and relaxation. With full-body jets and a wide, rain-forest style shower head along with a deep Jacuzzi tub, spacious double sinks and a stunning marble and natural timbre vanity, you will achieve the look of extravagance that you experience in many fashionable hotel suites.

For a touch of glitz and glamour, you may include shaded wall sconces and overhead chandeliers with gold or silver-finished embellishment. Heated towel racks and heated tile or marble flooring is also a plus. If you are creating a new bathroom design as a home building or renovating project, rounded or arched windows and skylights can be elegant features. As long as the room design is balanced with a definite place for every furnishing, object and accent, you have created your lavish hotel bath environment.

• Superior Overall Organisation. When every room in your “hotel style” home displays beautifully balanced features, shapes and decor, your home will provide the luxury of casual elegance in every room. Whether you have chosen new interiors with classic, vintage, rustic or minimalist design or a contemporary stylistic mixture, the result will be a welcoming, overall well-planned environment. Your new creation will exhibit an atmosphere of fashionable yet functional, lavish luxury with the true sensibilities and comforts of home.

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