In today’s fast-paced life with its ever-increasing visual and auditory impressions, concepts and data delivered globally via instant transmission, first looks and impressions often have deeper, more profound meaning than ever before. We process information of all types rapidly, often making lasting evaluations from initial impressions before an image has left our line of vision or a sound has faded from hearing. 

In all areas of contemporary life, everyone must process visual and verbal data as it is issued or presented before the next burst of sensory stimuli arrive. Just when we had all grown accustomed to the sound bite, “visual and auditory info in flight” became the norm of the day. For this reason, an initial appearance and impression is often the only one that we receive and process, and it is the one that becomes outstanding, lasting, memorable and definitive of the likes, dislikes and preferences that form our aesthetic values. 

Reasons Why a First Look and Impression Can Matter Quite a Lot in Interior Designs

• Visually Oriented Lifestyle. – Since we live in a very visually oriented world today, everyone is observant of the immediate surroundings. From small children to older adults, people take notice of their environment, whether outdoor or indoor. Many people who attend a luncheon, meeting, lecture or other event may not be able to recall exactly what occurred or all the content that was presented. They may not recall all the selections on the menu. Yet most of them can describe the auditorium or conference room decor, including the fabrics, colours and placement of many items of interior furnishings.  

• Instantaneous Aesthetic Connections.
– People today often make aesthetic comparisons and connections instantaneously. When we enter a building lobby, an office setting, a hotel suite or the room of a home, our first perceptions of the interior decor and ambiance create either an immediate connection to or separation from our sensibilities and preferences. If the colour tonalities, textures, patterns and arrangement of the interior’s furniture, accessories and decorative features or art works attract or intrigue and please us, we feel welcome, comfortable and often, inspired, in this interior space. 

• Quality Environmental Relationships.
– We all form relationships with our environment, just as we do with people, companies and organizations that we work or interact with in our daily lives. A room interior or area with decor that appeals to us strongly makes us want to embrace the pleasing balances of its dynamic or subtle colour tones, spatial arrangement and the shapes and placement of featured items of decor. If we can mingle and blend with the varied patterns, textures and aesthetic nuances of this interior spatial design and decor, delighting in the experience while feeling harmonious with its creative essence and personal appeal, we have a new and truly vital environmental kinship.  

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