Having a master plan for every design or building project is an essential element for setting the envisioned building of a structure or creation of an interior in motion. By starting with a clear, concise visual plan that everyone involved with the project can view, understand and refer to, all aspects of the project can stay well coordinated from start to finish. 

You and your team of architects, engineers, designers and contractors can begin the creative journey and practical process from your project’s conception and visualization to its actual completion. Every project’s master plan clarifies the optimal standards and expectations for all that will transpire moving forward until the last specifications are satisfied, or even surpassed, in degrees of excellence.  

Masterplanning as a Vital Aspect in Building Design and Project Management

Creating a comprehensive, detailed master plan for your building design and project management is essential for the following reasons: 

• Establishing Project Visibility and Credibility.
– When a building project begins with a clear, all-inclusive plan that is well directed toward its ultimate goal, project visibility and credibility are established from the outset. This master plan can then be viewed by the client and everyone with a part and interest in seeing the new building or interior design plan finalised. It can also be shown to interested fundraisers and investors for your building or design project.  

• Enabling Accurate Cost Estimation.
– With a top caliber master plan in place for your construction and design expectations, you can generate accurate cost estimates prior to the start of construction. This helps ensure that everyone involved has a clear understanding of all necessary costs and budgetary allocations. This early planning also creates a longer time-frame in which funds can be acquired through fundraising efforts or through investments in your project. An impressive master plan often encourages early “buy-ins” from key project stakeholders as well.  

• Setting Project Guidelines and Controls.
– Your master plan for a building and/or design project will establish guidelines and controls for all aspects of the project from its initial design to its physical completion. These rules and instructions for guiding the course of designing, building and finishing the interior decor of a site will engage everyone involved, keeping them on track as the project’s timeline progresses toward the final stages. These guidelines will also help incorporate any changes or additions to both construction work and timeline as needed for top-tier project management.   

When you consult the building and design experts of Marchese Partners with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as well as Auckland, New Zealand, and other international locations, you will receive highest quality advice, designs and comprehensive construction services for your building and design project. Our experienced professionals will also provide a master plan to ensure precision coordination of all aspects of your project from start to finish.