The largest and most innovative trend in urban real estate development today is the designing and building of mixed-use development projects. With increasing numbers of corporate entities, small-to-mid-sized businesses and workers now moving from towns and suburban communities into city areas, more urban living and commercial environments are essential. An ideal solution is the creation of contemporary mixed-use developments. 

These new, all-inclusive environments usually combine three different uses in one building or complex, with each component making up 60 percent or less of the total available space. Although some of these building plans and projects are primarily residential or commercial centres that include ground level retail areas, the ideal designs are successful structures and complexes that are evenly balanced with the three separate, but coexisting, environments and uses.   

The Innovative New Trend of Mixed-Use Environments in Urban Development Projects

As a leading architectural firm designing acclaimed new plans for highly attractive, practical and successful mixed-use urban development projects, Marchese Partners is a master creator of advanced urban environments. Founded in Sydney, Australia by Eugene Marchese and Steve Zappia and now celebrating its 25th year, this exemplary firm has current offices in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the UK. Ultimate quality, mixed-use urban development projects designed by this fine team include the following:    

• Rawson Sreet. – This advanced, mixed-use urban development is located on the old Telephone Exchange site in Wollongong’s centre. It will be redesigned for conversion into an iconic structure with a height of 65 metres to include ground floor retail space, three podium levels for commercial offices and 77 residential apartment units spread over 15 floors. This spectacular building design is an exquisite sculptural structure that incorporates elements of organic geometry and contrasting-colour materials.  

• Albion Mill Master Plan. – This master plan will combine commercial offices, retail shops and 250 residential apartment units while revitalising the historic Flour Mill building. Designed to transform this site into an active, vital centre connecting a major transportation hub with the historic mill structure, this project will include vibrant communal plazas as inviting, highly appealing gathering places for residents and visitors alike. This is a Transit Orientated Development adjacent to the Albion Railway Station in Brisbane.   

• Life Care, Beulah Road. – Located in the inner eastern suburbs of Adelaide, this mixed-use development offers 70 apartments for senior living, including one, two, and three-bedroom units on three floors. With superior landscaped external areas, this site incorporates clear, contemporary definition of form and sensitive contextual elements for a superb exterior environment. This design expertly combines elite modern lifestyle elements and amenities with exceptional communal facilities to successfully create a strong sense of community as part of the extended local neighbourhood environment. 

For fine quality, advanced designs in mixed-use urban development projects, consult the architectural design experts of Marchese Partners today. Our highly experienced professionals at this top-tier firm provide leading-edge, superior quality master plans and designs for the successful building of the stellar mixed-use developments of today and the future.