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Glengara Care, NSW, Australia


Glengara Care is opening in 2020 and sits within Glengara’s Retirement Village and existing facilities. It has been designed as a residential care centre for people living with dementia, and accommodates 50–99 residents, some of whom have dementia.

The vision for the project is to provide a well designed and considered space for residents to call home, allow residents to be the focus and for the space around them to enhance the experience. Our passion for a new person-centred approach to Glengara Care has also translated into a new design where community is brought to the individual.

The design blurs the lines between the public and the domestic realms understanding how they might intertwine with each other to create opportunities for the residents to safely reach out beyond their own spaces encouraging them to move, interact and engage.

The common corridors turn into pedestrian lanes around courtyards allowing the residents to bring their own furniture, tables and chairs. A window in each apartment kitchen faces this lane to allow for sight lines and conversations fostering for opportunities for the residents to socialise.

The external design is simple and contemporary. The facade is finished in a light coloured panel which assists in reflecting natural light and also is meant as a metaphor for the way the light passes through the native gum tree forests in the area, reconfirming the approach that the design should serve as memory triggers for the residents.