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The Kilns


Site Area: 28892m2
Size: 42 apartments
Cost: $32m

‘The Kilns’ project involved the redevelopment of the existing Austral Brickworks site in Brookvale into a remarkable residential development featuring the adaptive re-use of the original Brick Kiln and Chimney. The project is unique in Sydney as not only does it incorporate the adaptive re use of the original brick kiln structure, but it is also is located in a dramatic natural setting, being set in a deep valley surrounded by natural bushland. Marchese Partners have been instrumental in the success of the development by re-designing a previous scheme to enable a successful development Application to be negotiated through Council.

The project clusters 5 new building blocks around the existing kiln and chimney structure in the centre of the site with a mix of two storey townhouses and 3 story apartments as well as the unique town homes constructed within the existing kiln structure. The resulting spaces between the buildings have been landscaped with lawns and paving to form a green common that links the various building entries.