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Uniting Care Ageing Redevelopment


Marchese Partners were commissioned to undertake a master planning study of three Uniting Care Mayflower Village properties located at the Westmead, in the Western region of Sydney. In conjunction, Marchese Partners were review the potential opportunities of two other ‘satellite’ sites located in the neighbouring suburbs of Pendle Hill and Granville.
The objective of the master plan is to provide planning and accommodation strategies that will assist in the formulation of financial feasibility analysis and models.

A development application for an amended scheme for Uniting Care Ageing Mayflower Village redevelopment was developed and submitted in March 2015.

The scheme incorporates 114 RAC beds, 230 ILU’s, on site community facilities and childcare centre. The revised scheme sought to reduce the extent of communal areas and basement excavation and increase the yield of independent living units.