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Waterbrook Greenwich Lifestyle Resort, NSW


By seamlessly blending 79 independent living units with 1,200m2 of facilities, Marchese Partners created an award-winning environment at the Waterbrook Lifestyle Resort that redefines levels of quality and efficacy and the ultimate in seniors resort style living. The team played a key role in all phases of the project from concept design, obtaining the development approval, to the completion of tender documentation for both architectural and interior design packages. The result is an exemplar of urban seniors living at its best.

2008 Winner of Best Seniors Living Project, NSW from Urban Taskforce.

Water is an integral feature of Waterbrook. The trademark brook runs through the gardens, contributing to the overall feeling of calm and tranquillity. Landscaping, which follows the natural contours of the site, has been designed to provide a range of places for rest, relaxation, contemplation and recreation, with all areas planned so they are easily accessible by all. Using an interesting mix of natural materials along with sound construction, Marchese Partners have drawn inspiration from the work of architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Charles Rennie Mackintosh to create a series of buildings, traditional yet modernist in feel, which cascade down, and blend harmoniously into the gently sloping site.