Master planning is the essential initial stage in transforming the concept for a property development into an architectural design, engineering blueprint and active building project. Successful master planning requires direct and effective communication with the client to best comprehend essential preferences and needs. 

With use of an integrated team approach and collective focus, a master plan offers centered attention to the placement and design of structures and spatial configurations to enable optimal connections, activities and interaction within given areas and spaces. The ultimate quality master plan is at once a basic definition of a client vision and an effective development tool for participating stakeholders, funding sources and property development investors. 

Major Impact and Effects of Master Planning in Contemporary Property Development

The primary impact and effects of master planning on contemporary property development projects often manifest and clarify during the following stages of a master plan in progress:  

• Obtaining and Analysing Project Information. – This initial stage of creating the master plan involves gathering data and insight from every area of a property development plan. Important information to be obtained includes size, purpose and envisioned operations of the building project to be designed and built. The location, type and dimensions of the building location site are also primary elements when gathering information for the master planning stage of a design and construction project. A projected budget and cost estimate for all aspects of the design and construction are also major elements of the master planning phase of a new design and construction project.   

• Defining Property Development Vision and Objectives. – When the client and the building project team collaborate, everyone, including the client, architects, engineers, interior designers, contractors and project managers must share a unified vision of the planned property development during the planning stages. It is also essential that the entire team of building project professionals has a clear, concise understanding of the primary objectives of the finished building project and of each step leading to its successful completion. The vision and objectives of building plans for a new senior residence will be different from those for a future complex of corporate office suites, although both can display equal degrees of unique fashion and optimal functionality for advanced, healthy and inspiring living and working environments and lifestyles.  

• Devising Multiple Options Directed Toward a Preferred Option.
– The ideal master planning for any new design and building project will include multiple options for completing each phase, purpose and area of the plan, with all options leading to an eventual preferred option. Only through careful consideration of each option included can the highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced members of the building project team decide on the best possible preferred option in each category, phase or area along the path to the project’s completion.  

• Finalising Varied Aspects of the Master Plan. – After all preferred options of the planning, designing and building project have been determined, the master plan can be finalised to some degree. However, although the master plan then becomes a document, it remains as a working, changeable plan to be revised and updated as needed as the project client’s objectives and requirements may simplify, expand or evolve just as any living, breathing lifestyle or entity in life may grow, mature, refine or vitalise.  

The ultimate levels of expertise of the master planners, architects, engineers and designers of Marchese Partners has won heights of acclaim and respect for this unique team of advanced, innovative planning, designing and building professionals. Their abundance of talent and experience in all areas of the master building industry throughout Australia and internationally enables our fine firm to bring the envisioned building ideas of many worldwide clients to astutely planned and expertly designed and constructed reality of the highest advanced caliber of practicality, refinement, comfort and sheer beauty.