In interior design projects, sustainable design is involved with such factors as determining efficient and effective use of space, selecting construction materials that offer low environmental impact and lowering pollution, waste and energy consumption. When an interior design business is operated as a sustainable enterprise that focuses on the use of sustainable building materials that are environmentally healthy, the designer benefits the natural environment while enabling the client to enjoy cost-savings for maintenance while avoiding required replacement of hazardous materials later on. Operating a sustainable interior design practice also enhances the designer’s brand image and persona and reflects a genuine commitment to protecting and bettering the natural environment.

Major Importance and Value of Sustainability in Interior Design

Leading aspects of the importance and value of sustainability in interior design today include the following:

• Evaluation Reveals Long-Term Impact of Materials. – Interior design companies and building contractors working with them today are carefully evaluating the long-term impact and effects of construction materials used for design projects. Using sustainable materials will lower the environmental impact caused by various materials and substances. Designers are now embracing a life-cycle approach when selecting materials for use in new and renovated interior spaces. Both the direct and indirect impacts are being considered throughout all phases of production, use and future removal and disposal of construction materials and supplies. 

• Sustainable Design Sparks Global Interest. – When interior designers use sustainable building materials and furnishings for their design projects and promote their businesses as sustainable design companies, they are igniting valuable global interest in protecting and preserving the environment. More large corporate entities and governments around the world are now endorsing and supporting environmentally safe practices in building construction, factory operations and in many diverse areas of industry. More funds are also being allocated to sustainable building and interior design projects today than ever before. 

• Sustainable is a Growing Concept in Interior Design. – Today, sustainable materials are gaining a major place of importance and impact in interior design interpretation. Sustainable materials have valuable histories and often, intriguing stories to tell, and their ongoing meaning and essence will surface when used in a well-planned interior design scheme. People can sense and relate to the unique journeys and life-cycles of sustainable materials, which brings empowering character to the design and decor of an interior space. 

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