The planning and building of highly attractive and functional senior living and age care homes require ultimate architectural and interior design considerations today. With the increasing demand for excellent senior living communities and age care residences, more innovative, inviting, and practical building of this type of residence is a necessity. In addition, many seniors are accustomed to a life enhanced by modern conveniences and automated home design features. For this reason, they are only enthusiastic about moving to a sophisticated, modern residence for seniors that offers many desirable features and amenities of a contemporary, comfortable lifestyle. 

Major Considerations in Architectural and Interior Design for Senior Living and Age Care Residences

Primary considerations for designing, building and interior design services for contemporary senior living and age care homes as recommended by top architects and interior designers today include the following:

• Spacious Rooms with Some Small Divisions. – Most seniors respond well when living in spacious rooms with large windows. This enables them to enjoy the outdoor view while feeling comfortable and at home in their attractive and enjoyable surroundings. They also like smaller areas within their rooms that are partially separate, private spaces where they can feel cozy and relaxed while reading, watching television, talking on the phone or visiting with a friend. 

• Attractive Communal Areas. – Although the majority of senior residents in senior living and care residences value the privacy afforded by their personal living units, they also desire access to warm and welcoming communal areas where they can visit with other residents, family members or friends while enjoying a different attractive environment from the ones that their private rooms provide. When seniors can easily move from one interior environment to another with easy wheelchair or walker access, they feel as though they are living in a village or community, which forms a strong and comforting memory connection with their former homes and communities. 

• Beautiful Outdoor and Indoor Gardens. – When seniors can enjoy the natural beauty and elegance of lush indoor and outdoor gardens and terraces in their ultra-modern senior living and age care environments, it makes their lifestyles more well-rounded and complete. Even during extreme seasonal weather and temperatures, when they can sit amidst the pure natural beauty and allure of verdant and flowering indoor gardens, seniors gain a stronger sense of self-worth and universal acceptance for a more positive state of mind and general health improvements. 

For information concerning excellent architectural and interior design developments and features for construction of contemporary senior living and age care homes today, contact our experts at Marchese Partners. This finest caliber architectural and design firm has offices and projects in multiple locations in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia, and its Chairman and Founding Principal, Eugene Marchese and fine team of architects, master-planners and designers have an ongoing keen interest in the superior design, construction ,and success of ultimate quality senior living environments.